flatOUT™ LED

The FlatOut™ LED is the perfect cable to charge and sync Lightning™ and Micro-USB devicesKnow when your phone, tablet or other devices are fully charged with the FlatOut™ LED. The LED charge indicator pulses RED while charging and glows solid BLUE when fully charged. Available in 10in., 3ft. and 6ft, this Lightning™ or Micro-USB cable gives you the freedom to use your device while you charge or sync.




With the FlatOut™ equipped with the new Scosche® EZTIP™, you can plug into your Micro-USB port devices either way. No need to worry about which direction you insert the Micro connector. This side up or that, you can connect the cable in either direction.




Charge & Sync

The flatOUT™ LED allows you to charge your device, as well as allow you to data transfer between your device and computer.



LED Charge Indicator

With a built-in LED charge indicator, knowing your Lightning™ or Micro-USB device has finished charging is as simple as a glimps. The LED Charge indicator glows red when charging and turns blue when your device has become fully charged. Blue glow? You’re good to go.






The flat tangle-free design of the cable helps avoid the dreadful untangling process after storing your cable.