goBAT™ 4400/5200

The GoBat™ 4400 & GoBat™ 5200 is a must have when it comes to backup batteries. Not only does it give you up to two and a half full charges on an iPhone 6/6s, but the portable battery has a built in flashlight as well.


Available in following colors: Black and White.

Available in following mAh's: 4400 and 5200.



Portable Backup Battery

The internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery can charge a dead iPhone 6/6s up to two and a half times! With a 1A charge output, you wont have to wait long while bringing your smartphone back to life.


Emergency Flashlight

Need some extra light? This battery has you covered. With the built-in ultra-bright LED, you're provided with plenty of light to find your phone in the abyss under your seat, in your carry bag or wherever you may need it.


LED Indicator

This portable backup battery conveniently has an LED indicator that allows you to always know exactly how much juice is left. You'll be able to try that out for yourself right out of the package, as this battery comes pre-charged!