magicMOUNT™ PRO Trim Kit

Available in following colors:

Carbon Fiber

Rose Gold




Space Gray









Interchangeable Trim Rings

Apple device color match trim rings, Space Gray, Gold, Rose Gold as well as Carbon Fiber will be available with separate purchase brings the mobile device mounting system to a whole new level. Silver and Black are already included with each MagicMount Pro purchase.




MagicPlate Placement Options

This magnetic phone mount utilizes it's griping power by adding a small metal plate to your device. Whether you like your phone naked, or use the larger, bulky cases on the market, this mount is for you. The included MagicPlate can be applied directly to your device, adhered to the battery just under the battery cover, sandwhiched in-between the phone and case or to the outside of the case.


*The MagicMount is not recommend with use of a wallet case