powerSTREAM Lightning

powerSTREAM Lightning

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Without discernment

Charge & Sync Cable w/Flowing Luminescence Charge Indicator for Lightning USB Devices


Type: Lightning™

Color: Black/blue

Lengt: 3 fod

Product no.: MM-I3FLOA
Stock status: In stock

Electro-Luminescence Charge Indicator

With a built-in charge indicator, knowing your Lightning USB device has finished charging is as simple as a glimpse. Ambient glow speed matches the electrical current flowing through your cable. The glow in the cable will rapidly flow when your battery is low but will slow down as your battery becomes close to being fully charged. Once your device is fully charged, the glow turns off.


The flat tangle-free design of the cable helps avoid the dreadful untangling process after storing your cable.


  • Charge & Sync Cable 
  • Ambient Glow Matches Electrical Current Flow
  • Slim-Barrel Design
  • USB 2.0 for Fast Data Transfer
  • Flat Tangle-Free Cable
  • 3ft Cable

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