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CD Slot Magnetic Mount for Mobile Devices

Product no.: MM-MAGCD2
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• Safely secure your mobile device to your vehicle's CD slot
•100% safe for mobile devices
• 4-Axis Adjustable angle with lock nut
• Large and small metal plate included



Install the MagicPlate™ behind your case or battery cover, directly to your rugged case or directly to your device. (A larger and smaller MagicPlate™ is included)

If the magicPLATE is placed behind your case or battery cover, please be aware that the strength between the magicPLATE and the magicMOUNT can be reduced due to the thickness of the case or battery cover. To secure the best strenght, it is always recommended to have direct contact between the magicPLATE and the magicMOUNT.

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