Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter for USB-C

Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter for USB-C

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Cut the cord and enjoy CarPlay wirelessly!

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Cut the cord and enjoy CarPlay wirelessly.

  • USB-C support 
  • Use your vehicle's existing CarPlay support wirelessly and with no cable.

  • No third party software to install to your phone or vehicle!

  • Wide support of vehicles. Don't see your vehicle below? Just ask!

  • Use all existing input methods your vehicle has (eg. buttons, knobs, touchscreen and Siri).

  • Automatically connects every time you turn on your vehicle.

  • Works with iPhone 5 and newer (iOS 10 or greater required).

  • Dimensions: 46mm x 80mm x 12mm.


Please notice that the adapter wil only work with Apple CarPlay - NOT Android Auto


Answers to our most common questions, setup instructions and update information.

How do I connect the adapter to my car?

It takes just a few minutes and you only should need to complete it once as your phone will automatically connect each time thereafter.

1) Turn on Bluetooth and WiFi modes on your iPhone. Ensure you temporarily disconnect from any existing Bluetooth or WiFi networks such as your car Bluetooth or home WiFi.

2) Plug the CellLine adapter into the CarPlay USB port in your vehicle. The adapter will display a red light.

3) Wait for your vehicle's screen to display the setup prompt. This can take up to 30 seconds.

4) Click the search button or search for Bluetooth networks on your iPhone.

5) Select the phone you want to pair with, or connect via the Bluetooth device displayed on screen.

6) Select "Pair" on your iPhone and "Enable Wireless CarPlay" when the notification appears.


Can I use my in-car WiFi network at the same time as the CellLine apdapter?

Unfortunately not. The wireless CarPlay spec requires exclusive use of your iPhone’s WiFi network and therefore any data will be transmitted over your cellular data.


Does CellLineuse Bluetooth or WiFi?

Technically, both! Bluetooth is only required for the initial connection. Wireless CarPlay then operates over an ad-hoc WiFi network between your phone and the adapter.

This is because wireless CarPlay requires more data bandwidth than Bluetooth can provide. The Apple wireless CarPlay spec is meant to operate over WiFi, by design.


Can I pair two phones with Copilot?

Yes! The adapter automatically attempts to connect to the last used phone when you start your vehicle. It will cycle through the list of paired phones until it finds one within wireless range.

You can override this by selecting the desired phone you wish to connect to during the boot sequence.


Known support exists for the following vehicles with factory installed Apple CarPlay:

  • Audi 2020-


  • Jaguar 2020-


  • Mercedes 2020-


  • Seat 2020-


  • Skoda 2020-


  • VW 2020-


We're constantly updating this list as we test vehicles around the world and this list is based on tests conducted by us and reported by our customers.

Specified years are based on Model Year (MY) and this can vary by region - please enquire if you have any questions.

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  • Strømforbrug

    Reviewed by

    Adapteren virker upåklageligt, var nem at sætte op o.s.v. Men den tapper ret hurtigt telefonen for strøm (Iphone 12 PRO) En fuldt opladet telefon har efter en køretur på ca. 40 km ca. 77% strøm tilbage. Så det er nødvendigt med en oplader i bilen - trådløs - eller også må man benytte kabel til opladning, og så er fidusen jo ligesom væk.

  • VIrker perfekt i en GLC/EQC

    Reviewed by

    Har monteret den i min EQC der er magen til en GLC, og det tog under 5 minutter at montere. Har afleveret den fra T-Hansen retur da den var meget langsom og der var udfald hele tiden. Nu har jeg kørt med denne i en måned og den virker bare perfekt.