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Noise Isolation Earbuds

Color: Black/Yellow

Product no.: MM-HP200RSBKYL
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These ThudBuds Rockstar Edition produce genuine acoustics, solid mids and bursting bass. These simple, yet refined buds let you hear your music the way it was meant to be heard.


Optimized for MP3

These earbuds produce genuine acoustics, solid mids and bursting bass at an extremely affordable price.


Reinforced Strain Relief

The ThudBuds is the perfect earbud solution for everyday use while providing reinforced strain relief for an extended life, and an antimicrobial jacket.



These ergonomically crafted earbuds fit perfectly in your ear. Small, medium and large silicone flanges are included to help achieve that perfect fit.

- 10.5mm Drivers
- Enhanced Stress-Relief
- Sweat-Resistant
- Small, Medium & Large Silicone Interts

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