strikeLINE™ BRAIDED USB-C/USB-C - 4ft. - Black

strikeLINE™ BRAIDED USB-C/USB-C - 4ft. - Black

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Without discernment

Charge & Sync Cable

Type: USB-C -> USB-C
Color: Black
Size: 4 feet

Product no.: MM-CCB4-SP
Stock status: In stock

• Premium Aluminum Housing

• Braided Design for Tangle-Free Use
• Handles up to 15W for Rapid Charge

Reversible Connector

This USB-C cable allows users to conveniently and easily charge & sync all USB-C devices, such as smartphones, hard drives and laptops by inserting the connector either side up. The new symmetrical connector will eliminate the hassle of worrying about finding the correct side of the USB-C connector.

Premium, Braided Cable

With a premium aluminum housing and a braided design, this charge & sync cable is built to last! The braided cable is tangle-free which means no more messing with your cable when pulling it out of your travel pack.

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