Without discernment

On-Ear Headphones with Swivel Earcups

Color: Black

Product no.: MM-SHPRS1
Stock status: In stock

Scosche and Rockstar have teamed up to create the most comfortable, performance headphones you'll ever wear. Once you've experienced the ultra-soft, lightweight comfort and amazingly clear, pristine audio of the SHPRS1 Rockstar Edition Headphones, you'll never want to take them off.



Tired of headphones that sound good, but are uncomfortable to wear? We know exactly what you're talking about there and had that in mind when desiging the SHPRS1 headphones. These headphones sound great and feel great so you can wear them all day long.



A common problem with over-ear headphones is that they can be too bulky for people. The SHPRS1 headphones are the perfect solution where their design makes them more compact without sacrafising sound quality or comfort. 



- Lightweight

- Extremely Soft Ear-Cushions

- Angled 3.5mm

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