syncABLE™ HD Micro-USB Charge Cable w/EZTIP™

syncABLE™ HD Micro-USB Charge Cable w/EZTIP™

€ 27,99

Without discernment

Rugged Charge & Sync Cable for Micro-USB Devices

Color: Black/Yellow

Size: 4 feet

Product no.: MM-HDEZ4RS
Stock status: In stock

This heavy duty Micro-USB cable Rockstar Edition is built with a reinforced house for enhanced strain relief and a larger gauge for a faster charge rate.


Optimized for Outdoors

This rugged Micro-USB cable has been built and tested to endure the rigors of the outdoors. Their rigid high-impact polycarbonate main housing and flexible over-molded strain relief are super-sized for maximum durability.


Reversible Micro Connector

This reversible micro-USB car charger allows users to conveniently and easily charge & sync all standard micro-USB devices, such as smartphones, earbuds/headphones, portable speakers, portable backup batteries, tablets, digital cameras and more, by inserting the connector either side up.


Flexible Over-Molded Strain Relief

Tired of your charge & sync cables always breaking at the base? The flexible over-molded strain relief is super-sized for durability and ridged for positive grip. When the cable just won't break during the bend test, it makes sense to provide it with a 3-year limited warranty. 



The syncABLE™ HD is topped off with a convenient slim-tip. This beefed up cable will still allow you to connect to your device, regardless of the case you’re rocking.

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