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Add-on Heads Up LED Display

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  • Displays Speed in MPH(or Km/h), Engine RPMs and Status Indicators
  • Multi-color 3.0" High Bright LED Display
  • Auto Adjusts Brightness for Day/Night Driving
  • User Programmable Alerts for Speed, Temperature, and Voltage
  • Works on all 2001 or Newer Vehicles*

Display for Safer Driving

Taking your eyes off the road for even a second can be dangerous. This add-on heads up display allows you to reduce the amount of times you take your eyes off the road by adding your speed(MPH or Km/H), engine RPM and status indicators right to your windshield!

Programmable Alerts

This device lets the user program alerts for when your vehicle reaches certain speeds, temperature, and voltage.

Multi-Color Display

The display is projected in a multi-color 3.0” high-bright LED. The unit will automatically adjust the LED brightness for day/night-time driving.

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