magicMOUNT PRO Power - w/USB charger

magicMOUNT PRO Power - w/USB charger

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Magnetic Mount for Mobile Devices

Product no.: MM-MP12V-XTSP1
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• Powerful Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets hold your device securely in place and are 100% device safe.
• 12W (2.4A) charger rapidly charges your device. Cable not included.
• Flex Neck with lock 360 degree swivel mount for fully adjustable positioning
• Safely and quickly secure a mobile device via your vehicle's power outlet
• Permits safe and easy one-handed device use and access to all controls and ports


MagicMount™ is the multi-award winning magnetic mounting system for conveniently quickly and securely mounting your smartphone or other mobile devices. Apply the metal MagicPlate and place your device over the magnetic pad to securely lock it in place.

100% Mobile Device Safe Powerful Rare Earth Magnets

These powerful rare earth magnets hold your device securely in place even on the bumpiest roads and are 100% safe for Smartphones Tablets GPS and other mobile devices* How strong are they? Strong enough that we trust them holding a GoPro Session when we take out our Can-Am Maverick 1000XRS. Don't believe us? Just watch the video.

*Does not work with iPod Classic or other hard drive devices. The strong magnetic fields produced by these Neodymium magnets is enough to damage hard drive devices.

MAGICPLATE™ Placement Options

MAGICPLATE™, non-magnetic, adhesive-backed, metal plates, are an integral component of the MagicMount™ Magnetic Mount System for mobile devices. Just apply the MagicPlate as shown to the right and you are ready to use any one of the many MagicMount products available in this growing family of magnetic mounts. MagicPlates come in a variety of sizes and shapes depending upon which MagicMount you buy and replacement kits are also available.

There are several ways to apply the MagicPlate to your device.

  • Directly to the back of the case
  • Directly to the mobile device
  • Between the device and case - either with or with out using the adhesive

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